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Escolas católicas

Escolas católicas

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Tarde de Samaín

Durante a tarde do martes celebramos o  SamaínSamaín 2014 (156) no Centro. Houbo unha  festa, disfraces e moitos xogos e diversión. Tivemos de todo:

Obradoiro de maquillaxe: todos os que se achegaron aí tiveron as caras máis terroríficas da festa.

Obradoiro de froitos de outono: houbo pezas que se fixeron que parecen artesanía do máis alto nivel.

Xogos tradicionais: os rapaces (e non tan rapaces) probaron xogos coma os zancos, a zoadeira, tres en raia, saca pauciños, petanca, catro recunchos e a buxaina (era de admirar a cara dalgún pai facendo bailar a buxaina diante do seu fillo).

Concurso de cabazas: fíxose un concurso para as cabazas que trouxeron feitas de casa e para as que se fixeron durante esa tarde no colexio. Canta creatividade!

Como remate de todo, tomamos un chocolate con biscoitos que nos facilitaron as nais da ANPA e fixemos un desfile con todos os disfrazados. Como vedes unha tarde do máis orixinal.

E para os alumnos da ESO tivemos os English Halloween Games…

Apple bobbing, also known as bobbing for apples, is a game often played on Halloween. The game is played by filling a tub or a large basin with water and putting apples in the water. Because apples are less dense than water, they will float at the surface. Players  then try to catch one with their teeth. Use of arms is not allowed, and often are tied behind the back to prevent cheating.

Bobbing for apples has been an autumn tradition for hundreds of years. Despite its presence at Halloween parties and festivals today, its origins are more rooted in love and romance than tricks and treats. In fact, it began as a British courting ritual, popular among young ladies and their potential boyfriends.

There were several variations of game: In one set of rules, each apple was assigned to a potential mate. The bobber would then attempt to bite into the apple named for the young man she desired. If it only took her one try, they were destined for romance. If she succeeded with her second attempt, he would court her but their love would fade. If it took three tries, their relationship was doomed.

Another approach to the game was a race to be the first to bite an apple; the first to emerge successful would be the first to marry. A related superstition suggested that if a girl put the apple she had bitten underneath her pillow, she would see her future soul mate in her dreams that night.

Apple on a String is a timeless game that has become a favourite at Halloween parties. Enjoy the comical entertainment of watching the contestants as they try to eat their apples without using their hands.

  1. Preparation: Tie a piece of string high up, horizontally, across the room. Tie pieces of string hanging vertically from the string with apples attached. The apples should be level with the players’ heads.
  2. Players are instructed to keep their hands behind their backs. No hands are to be used in this game.
  3. On the word «Go» each player starts to eat his apple remembering to keep his hands away from the apple.
  4. The winner is the first player to eat his apple down to the core

‘Pass the Orange’ is a simple game adapted to the theme of Halloween. It would prove to be a perfect game for small children and also work well in an adult Halloween party. So, play the game on this Halloween party at your house and celebrate the occasion in a traditional way

How To Play: Divide your guests in two teams. Make them stand in a circle and tie their hands behind their back. Now, place an orange under the chin of one person. He or she has to pass the orange to the next person in line, neck to neck. They cannot use their hands, of course. If the orange falls, the person who has made it fall has to bend down, sit on the knee or even lie down and catch the orange under the chin. Then, he/she has to get up like that and then continue passing the orange.
Divination games are also popular at Halloween parties. Divination means foretelling the future. In Scotland, they peel an apple, then throw the peel on the ground. The peel is said to form the first letter of the name of your future husband or wife.

Telling ghost stories is another popular activity. The story-tellers usually wear a scary costume and use props like skulls or spiders. They create a supernatural atmosphere using candles.

Velaquí as fotos, esperamos que vos gusten.


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